To eat organic, or not to eat organic… That is the question.

I am a proud penny pincher and generally a skeptic, but I decided to make some changes for my health and wellness. My mentality had been “take it or leave it” in regards to organic food, and I am not as active as I should be. (I just got a FitBit through a program at work, so this is on the up and up.) We used to live two traffic lights away from the grocery store which was so convenient. When I go grocery shopping, I’m in there for at least 2 hours checking the circular, coupons, and most importantly labels. I make up meals in my mind as I go through each aisle thoughtfully. I enjoy seeing the produce and finding new inspiration for my cooking.

It was a struggle to not crunch numbers and pick things up-put them back-pick them up-push the cart and not look back. My goal has always been to get enough food for a couple weeks at a time. I made it out alive with a cart full of organic foods and convinced myself it’s worth investing in our health first and foremost, rather than saving money (though I still love a good deal). Educating myself on the current food/agriculture industry in the US has been mind-blowing. I personally was not paying any attention to added hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. I understand that the labeling system is all sorts of marketing jargon, but it’s just not possible right now for us to get all of our produce from farmers’ markets or really know what “cage free”, “free range”, “vegetarian fed”, “grass fed”, etc. all means. I am committed to the new diet, and am truly curious to see if we notice changes in our bodies.

1. Where do you get your organic produce?
2. How do you stay motivated and away from processed or packaged food?
3. What are some organic or grass-fed meat/dairy brands to look for snacks, easy meals when in rush, breakfast foods?


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